Social Trust is what you need for your next sale or that capital, build a valuable social profile. 

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This post will be brief because my mobile phone would be going on a break and I need to find somewhere to read Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom”, let’s talk about gaining trust. I made a post last week about the work load I had to deliver and I am really happy I delivered most of them,  I also know that someone would stumble on my posts. They will be able to assess how much diligence I put into my work and how far I go with ideas that I set out to execute.

If you have read this book which recently purchased “Valuable Content Marketing” by Sonia Jefferson & Sharon Tanton, you would note that one of the issues discussed is a lack of trust. There is an increasing suspicion and irritation customers have when people keep advertising and pushing products down their throats, people want to connect with you. A lot of people who have the money to make purchases prefer to make evaluations at their own convenience. It’s difficult to connect with someone who is too concerned with his own needs, try to gain trust by giving first.


Trust has dwindled a lot in recent years. People go through a lot of reviews, comments on social media before they commit funds to any service or product. I have found that having a credible profile on facebook is a huge selling Point, check your profile. Your profile gives you access to the hearts of a thousand contacts, they are making decisions on what to buy and not to buy every day.

It is important to tailor your post and activities to suit the kind of information your potential clients need. find out what potential buyers would find appealing, ask when you get a chance.

A number of my friends have told me about their business ideas, some find it difficult to raise startup capital while others find it hard to make sales. It may seem insignificant but in reality the social circles you keep determine how effective your outreach would be.

Some quick tips I will give:

1. Add people in your location if your product is bulky.

2. Join groups that promote the kind of mindset you need for your services,  for example as a writer I have left a lot of groups and joined groups meant for readers and people who love literary works.

3. I do not post randomly, my posts are about my work and achievements which sometimes reflect my challenges. Readers connect with my journey and I also appreciate their journey as it aligns with mine.

I really have to go now but I want you to evaluate your activities online, then ask yourself whether anyone should trust you with the kind of product or service you plan to offer. Have you created a footprint in that field? Do you have satisfied clients who mention you in their projects? People don’t collect information from newspapers and billboards anymore, social media is the new market.

The more your skill and effort is associated with other credible businesses and ideas, the higher your chances of gaining trust. Trust is an investment,  it will eventually get you the capital you need for your business and it would also connect you with the right persons for increased returns and revenue.

Sorry, I don’t have a photo with my post today, my phone goes off soon but I hope to hear from you when I am back online. 



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