Social Media is the Perfect tool for Creating Writers

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Gone are the days you had to go through volumes of Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet stories to be a writer. Social media does a perfect job already! When I was a bit younger, I got so stuck on those Shakespeare plays one of those years. I even start’d writ’n Ol’ English Lol!

I smiled while typing that, and the memories of reading those old English stories make me feel nostalgic. Gone are the days you actually had to sit through boring lectures in prose, imagery, personification and the likes. Now you just have to have a phone to be a writer. I know it’s really painful to those who have painstakingly gone through the rigors of the art. We all feel bad when writing becomes more of a popularity contest than a quality check. Now to be a writer, all you need is a huge fan-base. You need people cheering you on, and asking you to write that next story. Does it hurt? Yes.

Writing has become more of a circus show than the gladiator’s duel, more so it’s more about who can please the crowd than who can wield a blade. This cuts across every human sphere. Gone are the days nations proved strength by charging across open fields and falling on swords.

Now what we have are Senators dancing on YouTube videos and twitter frenzy. Presidents who influence stock prices by sentimental declarations on social media. Information has become one of the deadliest weapons to wield, and words have become precious merchandise. A well-written circus show could be the key you need to win the mob to your side. Winning the mob is very important, and the mob has also evolved over time. You can’t impress the mob with simple, or clearly written stories.

You need to confuse, distort information, mess around with facts, defy logic and the crowd will swallow it all up with a glass of nonsensical over bloated grammar display. I hate it when terrible stories win writing contests!

writing for social

Social Writing is a blessing in disguise

As much as it may be convenient to discredit the quality of writing on social media, sometimes we are just in denial of the information age. The first thing that is important to a lot of people is that you have a story, get a story! Make sure it is a good one. You cannot become a writer by having the best diction, punctuations, grammatical excellence without a story. The fabric of society is built on conversations, thoughts, and decision making processes. Social media does not test the quality of your language or usage but the quality of your story.

A strong story makes a strong decision process, people want to know why they do what they do. The question “WHY?” is answered in a powerful story, no matter how poorly constructed the sentences are. This is where social media comes in, sharing relevant story has become a way to win the heart of audiences beyond your immediate environment and society evolves to accommodate your style of writing no matter how poor it is.

Communication is what language serves, if you do not have a story then communication tools left are just commas, semicolons, symbols that mean absolutely nothing to the recipient. Allowing your story to join the fray of war on social media, is like a test. It gives you a chance to see how relevant your voice becomes to the situation of people around. These people are searching for meaning, write your story!

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