Social etiquettes for winners: No Link Spamming

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I completed my second Fiverr job today and client is coming back with more next week. Exciting yes! I Sealed my third content creation deal and hope to finish some ghostwriting job I started out last month. These opportunities did not come from spamming people with links in comments or advertising when people are actually discussing issues that matter to them on their social pages.


There is this Whatsapp group I joined. The admin kicked people off because they keep posting their links in the group. Tjis group was named after the person who created it and that should be enough signal that they would regulate activities. The worst assumption you could make on-line is that you own every social platform, that’s one of the first way to start losing opportunity.


Don’t go to people’s posts to advertise your “asoebi” business except they are really close and even at that, limit it or they will help you limit your access to them.

I started and own a writing group that is now about 1.3k members, I pay regularly to boost the reach of my page which is now about 3k followership and the website for this blog costs me some minimum payment cause it was created by my brother David. I also spent close to 40k on business name registration and plan to incorporate soon. Now if I decided to post links or advertise in my platforms, you would agree that I have a right to do so. You don’t have that same right, if you don’t like it, leave such groups, see how easy it is to build such platforms and then allow it to be used indiscriminately.


Point here is that, social media is an opportunity to invest in networks. But you only get back as much as you give. Most times people don’t even pay attention to groups where all that people do in them is sharing of links.

There is a major shift away from traditional advertising, people want to connect with your story. Your face is important, be ready to get dirty and practically show people how you can help.

Why not just go back to printing fliers and using eba to spoil walls with posters and handbills? We all want to deal with real responses, then we have to commit real time to our content and interactions.

Returning to crappy billboards and fliers is exactly what you do when you don’t watch for signals from your contacts. You don’t provide solutions, you don’t create platforms but you just want to use other people to do your dirty work. It only annoys, and irritates people and you appear desperate. Most of us don’t trust or patronize desperate people.


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