It’s not alien for a Nigerian to be smart, we are proud people.

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By Blessed Abraham 

HIM: For an African, especially a country like Nigeria, you are very smart and talented. I admire you.

ME: The irony.

HIM: What?

ME: No offense, but for a German, you’re pretty dumb.

(That is how I got blocked and lost a payment of $15 for my book, even though I said, “No offense)

I am a Nigerian. We don’t know what that means to you or the outside world, but I believe I am different, in my own way.

I know my country – Nigeria – Black, strong, religious, ignorant, corrupted, happy and free. Yes, free. I am the only one allowed to abuse my country, together with my countrymen and women, try it and I will dig out dirt from yours and plaster it on your face. You know you have one, right? I don’t care the size.

This is my patriotism.

I refuse to measured by the yardstick and actions of my countrymen, by the foolishness of my leaders. And I swear to not judge you by the actions of your countrymen.

What Bayo did last year in Malaysia doesn’t apply to me, just as Einstein’s achievement doesn’t apply to you.

I don’t believe in Nigeria, I believe in myself. Give me a chance.
I don’t believe in our politicians and their policies, I believe in my ability. Give me a chance. And I, and other revolutionaries, will bring glory back to this home – even though they didn’t help us.

PRAYER: May Nigeria shine and glow, that way, I will shine and glow. May all the years the cankerworms and locusts have eaten be restored in glory. Amen.

Happy Independence Nigeria. Enjoy it.


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