4 Skills you will never develop because you refused to write

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When people make it in life, they write a book. Yea that’s right, writing skills come along with greatness. Great people have precise, elegant, empathetic and confident thoughts. So we can comfortably say greatness and writing go hand in hand. Some examples I can quickly note are Martin Luther King, ex-president Obama, and the tweeting president Trump. I tell you, writing is the spice of greatness, it is the aroma of where you are headed in life. Just imagine when people start studying you in universities, colleges and the likes. Your work ethics, strategies for your company’s new department, recommendations from your research and annual reports to stakeholders, these would all be scrutinized someday. Writing regularly affects you thoroughly. Your communication evolves into elegance and with empathy you become confident to hold an opinion in written words.


Business leaders need to always give the right perception of their businesses. Check out HVR’s (Havard Business Review) analysis by Josh Bernoff, of Yahoo and Whatsapp’s business communications. You will understand how immensely writing skills affect your business. No adult should exist without good writing skills or at least the needed support for this. You can hire a writer to get your emails done over the weekend. Do you know that you could actually send emails and whatsapp IMs to your staff instead of yelling incoherently? Hehehe, now you know.


There are books that should never have been written, but we get to read these terrible compilations. I mean, have you heard the statement “crappy book” used on a beautifully packaged book? I know, it hurts. Sometimes the reader has no choice than to conclude that your book is “a piece of crap?” I think there is just this notion that once are done from public service or corporate work, then you are a writer. You had all of your life to practice but you didn’t. NO! Great writing is a result of constant practice.


Writers get critiqued regularly. We are always on our toes to deliver top-notch content. I cannot forget how my heart was pounding while I anticipated a client’s feedback on their Ebook, I was so relieved when I saw the message saying “Wow, I loved the work. You have stolen my heart.” This is not after so many other writing jobs where the client responds with so much dissatisfaction and I just have to rewrite. I have learnt to see through other people’s eyes.

According to Etelka Lehoczky quotes  Natalie Canavor in her Forbes article, she says most older workers already have a crucial skill necessary to crafting good business communications: Empathy. “I find younger people have a lot of trouble learning to look through somebody else’s eyes. Older people have an advantage in that. We’re more apt to learn  there are other viewpoints.”


Then I became confident enough to wake up and create content round the clock. I understood the ways to gather information and organize my thoughts. You cannot deny the fright you feel when you have written an email to a superior and you are not sure if your intentions will not be misconstrued. A lot of work is delayed when you have little or no confidence in your writing skill.

You will most likely become great, at least I know that because you have read this post up until this point. I think you owe yourself the decency of communicating your life’s work in unambiguous words. Sometimes outsource your writing work, find someone who has been in the habit of actually creating content. We all know that practice makes perfect and your ability to share your story on daily basis and eventually through your book needs a lot of practice.

Then You Write A book

A time comes in everyone’s life when we all realize we have a story to tell, we understand that we have locked in a lot of experiences. These experiences urge us to write a book, your protege may ask you to write a book, friends and family implore us to do them that favour and tell a story that “captures it all.”

First, this overwhelming eureka moment happens, it seems like you have been created to write the story that alters the whole universe. Then you write the book and no one wants to tell you the book was crap, no one wants to hurt your feelings and so they buy some copies and shove them into dark dusty rooms where no one would stumble on the best seller you never wrote.

Ghostwriting is fast becoming a well-paid vocation, you can tell your story at any time of your life. Someone could write it for you, but eventually we all need the skills listed here to tell the perfect story. As much this post encourages you to develop basic writing skills for work and family, you should also appreciate better the work of a writer.


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