She is Pretty after School

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Sometimes I feel like asking this girl,  what happened to her after we left secondary school. I used to crush a lot on girls,  even though I was trying to grow into my brilliance,  girl crushes were my demons.

However,  there are some girls in secondary school that even if they were selling “crush” at 2 for #5 naira,  I will rather goan buy “iya tubi’s” five naira fish roll than make such a life commitment.

Don’t you knw I will have to be mentioning you in our class alumni whatsapp,  bbm groups? When everybody is mentioning those pretty,  cute and heavenly-curated ladies,  me I will now be talking about those girls who end up with the funniest nicknames in school.  “Eba, ewa,  panla,  shaki” etc.

Breaking news people,  that girl is now something else ooo… Truly as they say,  beauty is vain and secondary school pinafore can hide a lot of things. Those of you that have brothers and sisters in secondary school,  please tell them to not despise days of little beginnings oooo… That girl have enter the “change” bus oo,  na how I will collect her number on Facebook I still dey think.


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