Shadow of Yesterday!

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This one shadow I hate!

that one stuck to yesterday,
Blindsided by terrors;
Pain and Shame.

I knocked on my neighbour’s slamming door,
Tasted salt flowing like ogunpa!
Streams of tears.

The shadow of yesterday!
Stale and sour,
Granules of rocky lumps,
I must swallow bitter pills!

Orisa Agbo ooo!!
Kikoro bii tita riro,
Oun nii mewu Lori da…

Diety of bitter herbs,
The bitter pains have made
Grey shine on our heads.

Mock me not when I have,
A bent shadow,
Trails of a crooked path,
Twill end on a thoroughfare.

My road to destiny,
Sights and sounds o’ tragedy,
Mockery for shame,
We all cry sometime,
Even bite nails.

Shadow of yesterday,
O that I wrench me from your grip!

That I ask the one who died and lives,
“I heard you have the chant”,
Ancient words that heal,
They say shadows listen,
And hear your whispers!

Then speak now!!!!!


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