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This is for those of my readers who did not understand my previous post, I was writing in a frenzy to prevent “writer’s block” which is the most powerful enemy of creative writers, my first advice to people who ask me “how do you get to write so much?” Is “I just write”. Writing is an expression, will come to that some other time but here is the GIST in summary:

1. My dream Nigeria is one that has clean toilets.
2. My dream Nigeria does not frustrate its citizens to the point of suicidal activities.
3. My dream Nigeria is free of irrational police activity and brutality.
4. My dream Nigeria is one where the citizens don’t have to eat their dogs (Animal cruelty).
5. My dream Nigeria is where you can take a walk and be sure you won’t have to take a dump by the roadside.

Thanks, read more, write more. UPCOMING: Weekend special, a special treat for my readers, I will try to be consistently giving you all feeds on e-books I review which I think you would love.

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  1. eunice

    my dream Nigeria, se?


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