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okay, I have been writing lots of fiction and I thought maybe its time I wrote something real. I know school could be really stressful and i hope this would help my junior colleagues in OAU.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is known for rigorous work load. We are trained like mules and thats why we find it difficult to conceive the idea of any better school in Nigeria. We hear stories of UNILORIn students who finish a session in 6 months, I don’t know how true that is, but neither do most of us that graduated from OAU.

Anyways one of the most horrible experiences I had was my final year project, it was like carrying a furnace on your head while waltzing through HELL. Satan was a kind name for some of the lecturers in the school, while there were really some really great and helpful ones. In my department I beneffitted greatly from Lecturers like Dr. Oladokun who is well known to bear the load of every student, lecturer and even the department.

My final year project was such that, we had to print our reference materials (at least 20 different research materials related to my topic). Our supervisors would eliminate the useless ones and then recommend some others which we had to go and print again. After this bout of hard paper printing, then we would start printing each chapter from 1-5 and each time there was a wrongly placed “t” or bad vocabulary, we would have to reprint.

Finally, on the day we were to defend our work you would see each one of us running around with at least 5 copies of their project printed for the PANEL. We used enough paper to start a printing press. At one point I had to ask myself, What if our supervisors were handicap and they could not hold paper, would that make them consider using laptops and Projectors? What do you think? Did you experience this while in school?


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  1. Oluwanifemi

    Although, ‘m not in my final year, I know that education can sometimes be tough, besides ‘ve heard a lot about OAU, life as a student can somehow be challenging.

    • creativeriterz

      Thanks for taking time to comment on this post, I wish i could write about all my experiences at OAU but I think I have a difficulting sticking too long to one idea.
      Thanks again Oluwanifemi



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