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Why you should re-examine your indulgence.
We definitely live in a time and age where personal deficiencies are excused and the need to build confidence in a person is made to override a universal need for sanity and central rules governing healthy living.

People say things like “Believe in you” “Don’t listen to the crowd” “You are unique” “there is no rule to judge who is right or wrong”.

And on and on we go with all the strategies to ensure that our teen or friend or whoever can stand up for whatsoever they believe in. That’s laudable and should not in any wise be seen as wrong however read this short experience:

“I was called by neighbours in a Nigerian-styled tenement flat of single room apartments facing each other in rows, making two rows per block. Why did they come to call me? They heard snoring in one of the shared bathrooms and I am not talking about silverware, shiny, well-disinfected rooms here, I am talking about the musty, murky, dark and smelly kind of unhygienic bathrooms that characterize the blighted regions of the city in developing Nigeria. I feel they assumed it was a demon that could snore in such dirty condition and no human being would dare that and since I looked to them to be possibly spiritual enough I should not be as afraid as they were. I hoped they were wrong though, yet I still went to check, I gently pushed at the door while they all stood back waiting to see the thing pounce me. It did not, I saw the naked form of someone stooped over and I felt repulsed and a bit afraid, there is a myth that witches and wizards in these parts of the world took such postures when they were gone on their astral/ nocturnal journeys. I could not bear to go in and wake the person so I just shut the door to cover the person up and declared ‘it’ human. The wife of the man later came out and was upset knowing that her husband’s nude form had probably been exposed to the world, he was stone drunk”

Long story short, the tendency for alcoholism, Nudity ought to be revisited. Since my arrival in Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria, I have found the most appalling rate for drunkenness. The ‘Star’ alcoholic drink sign can be noticed at every 5 minutes’ walk, this brings to me a forecast of the number of children in that state who would be raised by drunk fathers and who inadvertently would inherit the bottle. Nudity in itself is shameful especially to the ones who hold the person in question in high esteem for example your wife, husband, children. It would be shameful for them if their father’s nudity was a subject of general discuss and for the ladies who have turned nudity to a fashion, nudity in the right circumstances will be very repulsive, well except for the depraved men an insane nude woman would be disgusting.
Indulgences come in many forms and shapes, we all know what we would rather not have laws speaking against. When I say laws, it could involve written constitution, Societal Norms and Common Sense laws. The major one which may be difficult to measure is the Common Sense laws and the fact that it is not easy to grasp makes it more dangerous when broken because no one really knows when it is. This is why for this purpose I hereby constitute the school of common sense. Anything I write on my blog, either for business, school, religion, faith, health will be based on my fair judgment of what common sense should say but it is up to you my readers to help me ensure it does not slip from me.


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