Salvation vs Repentance: THE SORCERER’S Dilemma

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Friday August 9, Acts 8:9-25

The first note I made was how salvation was received even by the bewitched and the sorcerer…..

Isaiah 49:25

But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.
*That is a promise fulfilled and I hold strong to this belief that whatever God has promised and fulfilled in scriptures is for me a reason to believe and receive the same.

  • I also found out that although Simon the sorcerer was said to have believed in the message of Salvation by Phillip, it was not stated whether he repented of his sorcery vs9-11 states that he had the appellation “the great power of God” and nowhere was it recorded that he repented of this. “Lord I repent and turn away from my evil deeds and desires” is a conscious prayer that I pray every day once I find that my heart has not been right with God.
  • vs 13 He wondered at the miracles and signs, evidently he knew it was not sorcery and the holy spirit Baptism had not been preached so he had to discover where this power sourced to give him back the control of the people’s hearts. A lot of us christians merchandise scriptures and like the attitude of a shrewd Master to his apprentice, who always hopes to hold control over the apprentice by keeping him in the dark, we secretly desire the power of God so we can “preach at others” and lord it over the “ignorant”
  • The question that arises from this scripture is whether a person can believe in Jesus as the way to God and yet remain unrepentant of his evil intentions or lifestyle. Compare vs 24 with vs 12,13,22,23.

Thanks for reading. Those who read this and do not love, believe or understand Jesus, should either notify me in the comment or you can try reading this part of the Bible that I read and which has helped me realize that God wants a repentant heart and a Loving spirit amongst us as human beings.

It is better to be un creative in writing than to be convinced about nothing. Until we find something worth living for we will die worthless deaths.

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


  1. eunice

    Very true. Ironupiwada, thinking and acting on those things that one needs to repent of. It wasn’t easy to let go of such a big title but Simon had to. So also, certain things might be difficult to let go of but we have the power in Christ and we need to let go so we can lay hold on what life in Christ has for us.

  2. Oriyomi Oladeji

    Thanks for being a blessing to others.

    • jonathanoladeji

      All glory to God, thanks for your response
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