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A major part of content marketing is content delivery. It’s important that your web content get’s delivered to your target audience or else you have just wasted some good time creating the content. Most business website owners understand this struggle with newsletters and email marketing. Your content marketing strategy is incomplete if you cannot deliver your newsletters and emails to your growing mailing list.

When I just started blogging, I used a free WordPress blog so it was easy to just put a follow blog option on the blog. I learnt most of what I know about creating an effective web content from my free blog. Working freelance also means I have to keep improvising and learning fast.

Content Management Skills are developed by using WordPress

I recommend that small business owners who cannot afford a full website should start with a free WordPress blog. It gives you the chance to learn a few things about operating your site pending when you get the paid domain. It’s not as simple as it sounds, you may stumble on a lot of design and functionality problems but if you grab my ebook “Write Heart” or join my writing class I have put some quick fix ideas in there.

I finally bought a self-hosted domain. The problem I encountered was getting people on my mailing list. Typically in free WordPress, anyone following me get’s notified when I have a new post. To achieve the same result I have to build a mailing list on my full website.

You may have tried these too

I struggled with this for a long time. You may have tried MailChimp, Mailpoet, Newsletter, and several other plugins but they all had a problem with either too much complex setup process or the interface was not too explanatory.

I recently discovered a solution that seamlessly integrates your site with your mailing list, helps you create popups smoothly, gives you the perfect landing pages for your products and events and the pricing is just awesome. I have to thank my friend Osho Samuel Adetunji for introducing me to this tool.

Why this is Recommended

You can build your list for free and send unlimited emails until you cross 1,000 subscribers. I assure you, by the time you cross that, you must have made enough money to pay for the next package Lol.

I know you are itching to hear the name of this solution. Okay, the name is Mailerlite. Now I know you want to find out how to use this tool, I will discuss that in another post. First, what tools have you used for your website or blog’s list? Do you have some questions or observation?

Remember that this could greatly affect the returns you get from your business site. I have used this tool on at least four different websites and it has been perfect! I got 30 subscribers on my “What goes into Quality Content” landing page within the space of two or three days. No bogus figures yet but it’s definitely better than when I was getting none.

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