This rape culture needs to end, starting from Nigeria.

I am going to say some revealing things about my last relationship but I won’t mention names. The reason I want to do this is that of this stupidity that has taken over the mind of some errant males in Nigeria, “rape culture” is fast becoming a thing. No, it’s not a Nigerian thing.

I read this post about a popular guitarist who walked off performance stage to alert security. He had seen a guy sexually harassing a lady in the audience. Check full story here…

It’s a trend all over the world and anyone denying the fact that girls are endangered species is just a fool.

Groping, unsolicited sexual advances, touchy fingers, grabbing without permissions. These stupid attitudes stink of filth and pit level low self-esteem. It probably has a lot to do with you thinking sex is something you deserve, no you don’t have a right to any other person’s body! Touch yourself, harass yourself, rape yourself even, nobody will fight you. Leave other people out of your foolishness.

However, I am not going to assume that there are rapists on my friend’s list. Even though I assume these guys also have Facebook accounts, all these incidences are perpetrated by grownups who have phones and are probably on twitter, IG and Facebook and they also have the audacity to join comment sections and hurl insults at politicians and kidnappers.

I said I was going to talk about my relationships, I somehow happened to always date virgins or at least that’s what they say and I believe them. I have always been really close to my exes, we would sometimes be in situations where I knew I was totally sexually aroused and this repeated itself several times with each girl. Many guys use this as an excuse for rape, you had every choice to walk away mister! I walked away from each one, I don’t feel bad that I never showed my “manliness.” We broke up for other reasons but I also am proud that no girl can say I took undue advantage of her, let them hate me for any other flimsy reason but it will never be because my erection took control of my brain, heart, and humanity.

I have promised myself to avoid such situations in future relationships, despite I know I will never try to force myself on a girl. Yet it’s better to be safe than sorry. Funny thing is, many of these rape cases are perpetrated by young guys who are fed with this sense of sexual liberalism and entitlement. In some cases, guys who have been sexually repressed also turn out to be rapists.

The two extremes of sexual liberalism and “religious” sexual repression have proven to be equally dangerous in producing abusive males. I hope more study will be done to strike a balance on healthy male exposure to sexual attitudes. I think it is important that we help boys and girls to adopt honesty and being open about their sexual desires especially when you want to date or court as the case may be.

If you are sexually active, don’t go after girls who have taken a vow of celibacy. Sexual obsession and that consistent anticipation of the impossible can make you have temporary insanity and do something evil. She has already told you she is celibate, why the hell will you go ahead with such a relationship? Okay, let’s say you mistakenly got in if you cannot take the heat, get out fast!

For the girls, please teach your girls about abstinence and sexual liberation. You cannot be choosing abstinence while you keep toying with sexualized guys, forming “liberated.” If you have chosen abstinence, then dating should reasonably be within the shortest periods of time with the kind of guy who is ready to marry within such time. But you see a guy who clearly won’t marry anytime soon and you still arm twist him into a relationship. That’s like using fresh petrol as body cream near a bonfire. What do you want him to do whenever you guys are alone and intimately so close, breathing down each other’s throat? Start praise and worship?

And for the guys, you are a total failure if rape ever becomes an option for you. So you don’t know the address to a brothel? And the fact remains that if you are truly in need of sex, ask twenty girls per day, you will finally meet somebody like you. The kind of desperation that would make you rape a lady should be able to help you either cover face enter brothel or go from one girl to another begging for sex.

This is just evil. Some of these guys are now going after underage girls, so this is not even an issue of dating or relationship alone. This is a pointer to parents that we have a lot of work to do guarding female children. And it’s not about locking them up at home and not allowing them to have a life. It’s about being aware of the environment, standing up for your children in the environment. What do you do when your daughter reports a stalker? At least follow them once or twice to confront the stalker!

Let your presence be felt in the life of your daughter, walk her home from school, not every time you give them transport fare and forget the address of your child’s school.

Most importantly, no man or male is above suspicion. I am not saying we should start victimizing males but let it be clear that as parents you are willing to take legal and punitive action against any male that tries any funny thing around your daughters. We need to become a bit more vocal against this rape trend. I would encourage we treat every child, male or female in this way or we may end the victimization of female children and realize that teen boys, little boys will be the only victims left for this filthy people.

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