The POOR Will ALWAYS Be Among You and They May Remain POOR

Recently I talked about rejection. Do you know that a lot of times, people reject the poor more than the rich?

There is a video of a man in clean shirt and tie, he has a Ferarri and a baby in his arms. He walks up to people, begging for some money. He claims to have forgotten his wallet and each time he gets some dollar bills.

The video shows another man dressed shabbily, also has a baby and is begging for money. Not a single person gives him. The passersby reject him over and over again.

These are some hard truths from the Bible. Sometimes it seems to me like the writers of the bible are heartless people but as you take time to look at the things they say, you realize these are fundamental human dynamics.

Yes, it’s hard to come to terms with these facts. A poor person will face a lot of rejection and one rejection leads to the next one. Until he becomes stuck in the cycle of rejection, it becomes his lifestyle and he turns into a beggar.

The lifestyle of a beggar is born from a repeated experience of rejection. It’s when you accept this and join the world in rejecting yourself that you become truly poor.

The Poor Suffer Rejection Because of FEAR

Even in the search for love, a poor person will be exposed to poor diet, bad clothing and generally, he gives off the aroma of poverty. We all run away from these things. Rejection stems from poverty; poverty of the mind, soul and body.

What about when the Bible says, “from him that does not have, it shall be taken away that which he has and given to him that has already.”

It sounds cruel but that’s life. I will explain to you why poor people remain poor. For my age, I have learnt to save from the little I have, I have made money and invested in myself. Poverty tells me to be desperate, to run after sex even when I need to focus. Poverty is not some demon ruining your life, it is that attractive Ponzi scheme, that greed that pushes you into petty crime.

What I have realised is that the poor remain poor because poverty is of the mind.

A recent research shows that the poor man’s mind is constantly exposed to fear and stress, he experiences more of these things than the rich. This ensures that there is just a little part of his productive mental space left for actual growth. Fear leads to poverty and poverty leads to rejection.

The reason why the poor may always remain poor is due to a fear of tomorrow, the fear of taking chances, the fear of rejection. A poor person is so afraid that he reduces himself to a beggar and human beings are not wired to help beggars.

Rebrand from your Mind

Why do you think fine bara evolved? Because beggars even need to add business model and packaging so they don’t look like beggars. A fine bara expert (corporate beggar) will tell you that he takes financial risks before he can be accepted and increase his returns on investment. Poor people don’t think of packaging because they cannot afford to package.

This is why you need to accept yourself. Give yourself applause, respect who you are even if the whole world does not. Be radical about your manner of approach to yourself. Don’t treat yourself like a beggar and expect girls to flock to you.

Stop emphasizing what’s missing in your life while expecting investors. You are worth as much as the price you place on yourself. If you call yourself an empty calabash, you will find people to kick you around exactly as you deserve. Treat yourself like a bottle of expensive wine and people would pay to snap pictures with you.

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