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Journal Post 1.0.1:: I am so psyched! This week has been filled with ground breaking experiences, people and Ideas. I want to share!

Awesome people I met and/or remember

1. Susan Mwenda-Mulongoti writes to educate African SMEs
2. Sarah Arrow is definitely awesome blogger and I hope to collaborate soon.
3. JaneOma introduced me to Sarah after her beautiful talk about Identity.
4. Akan Imoh offered me a column on his awesome blog “Boss NG.”
5. Danni Blechner launched her UDemy course on self publishing, I hope she gives me a scholarship!! aking the course soon as I can.
6. Monica Kunzekweguta!!! Launched her new book. We are almost done with collection of the AWB anthology in collaboration with my writing community. 30 awesome authors!

Awesome Articles I wrote:

This past week I have stretched so much when it comes to writing for brand platforms. I started to see that I need to sit behind their eyes and identify how to best deliver value to their audiences.

1. I wrote a post on businesses women do in Nigeria for extra cash. It has been shared and read by many. Mokidsnmore is an e-shop with difference.
2. A lot of my thought articles about Nigeria and Africa have found home on Viva Naija. Proudly a columnist for close to a year now!
3. On Designed Life, I have been challenged to expand my skill set. Vivian is a great coach and she is an inventor! I write for an inventor! If you are anywhere in the U.S. you should connect with her.
4. Did two virtual events. Compiled my writings about Africa in a simple ebook. Will put it up someday soon!
5. Also I got a small research award for my real estate research at the University of Pretoria. Today I attended two trainings on Data Management and Elsevier Publishing solutions.

Now to the Big ones:

1. I have something cooking for property business analytics and content. Been connecting with a major platform, just watch out.
2. I just landed a deal with “Writeǃ” This company has a cloud writing app that helps you write in a clutter free environment. Then it organizes your work like a sort of Project manager. Writer+Project manager!

They have agreed to give all winners of our cfwriterz contests $60 worth of prize in form of licences to 3 winners! Plus all entrants get 25% off license. Total value donated is above $200 monthly!

And now you can pay for all my books, all author books published by Creative Freelance Writerz-Nigeria using any card! Finally some relief for our authors.

Does this get any better?!!!!

A reader of my ebook “Write Heart” called it a “Bible.” He has read it 3 times!!! I am so ready for my weekend writing sessions. I will definitely keep sharing my writing experiences.

A major lesson I learnt through this period is that there is a constant need to upscale the value you offer. It’s also important to stay true to your identity, don’t try so hard to follow the path others are following.


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