Penitus: Turnaround Basics for sh*t haters

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Turnaround witness

The Penitus: ROM 12:2 every tuesday

Its been a while, I have been lazy on my writing. Probably because I have only been seeing traffic and no responses to most of my posts. So before I start work on “Penitus” which means “inside” in latin, I would like to appeal to you reading, the least you can do to encourage more inspired efforts to write for and to you is by liking my post. You can go the extra mile of comments, shares and mails to [email protected]

OK….let’s move on

The motivation for Penitus is that, I see a lot of readers appreciate what we can relate with/to. I decided to revisit my desire to use writing as a tool to repair and defend people’s minds. Media is now used to propagate uncensored philosophies and attitudes that subconsciously educates the reader.

The first person I talked to, who is featured today is Tolani (not real name), we have been close friends for more than a year now and it has been one adventure to another. Summarily, we met via bbm pin-stealing app (I repented of that). We met for the first time in Lagos, I was scared I would be kidnapped, so I was sending location pictures to my brother every now and then (I am sure she would be shocked reading this ;)). When I stayed over at her place, I learnt one major thing, sex messes everything up. Thank God for her strong will that night and God’s mercy. I now realize how much I would have missed out on if that night had ended with sex.

Sex is not the topic yet…..

I have been asking myself questions like “when exactly do people turnaround”, “when do we change on the inside”.

As a christian, stories abound of struggles Christians pull through to make a change for the better. “Does everyone get a chance to win?” …..Tolani helped me put some things in perspective and here is her story.

Tolani’s story:
As a child I av always loved God,but didn’t know how to go about finding him. I went from church to church but stiill felt empty, till 7th feb 2005…I went for a fellow @Christ Embassy,
Where the Holy Spirit was ministered to me and after which I was refreshed. I began to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, it was a wonderful experience.

After this I gained admission into school in 2006
My 1st year in school was a wonderful experience with God, but after sometimes, I became distracted *wink*…..had a boyfriend….and just like that, I began to struggle with my christian race. I wept and wept for the mercies of God,

In order to have a wonderful relationship with him and then I’ll bounce back on my feet. After some months, I would fall into the sh*t again *so sad*
It went on and on.
I struggled and struggled with my faith *crying*….
Oh God!…

I Just knew there was something I was yet to discover about myself that I have. That time in a person’s life when one has to tell himself the truth, because only the truth can save.
I began to tell myself the truth….
“…God is principled and he’s never going to break His principle because of me”. God began to remould me, and my victory to total delivery began when I met a friend, a Brother…Dami-de-first *smile*
God used him mightily for me
He began to put me through some things about guys…
Talked to me like I big Bro to a younger sister, with both the word of God and real life situations.
Realizing together that;
the whole world yearns for our full manifestation, God wants us all to be terror to the kingdom of darkness.

‘my Dami’, is what I called him
then, because he is the one the Lord chose 1st to bring me out of my struggles.

Ever since we met, It has been from Glory to Glory for me with the Holy Spirit *smile*
I Celebrate you Dami n foreva will. Most importantly, thank God for the Holy Spirit…..I call him my 1st love,the one that will always love you for who u are….


Reading her story almost got my head swollen and puffed because the accolades were so much (believe me, this is edited version). The story shows several turnaround junctions in life, She evidently had an initial Christian experience or like some, “moralist” experience. She had an encounter with the holy spirit/made new year resolution, She also met a friend that fanned the flames of desire for more than the familiar, habitual lifestyle. For some, its the day we meet a mentor that we find strong reasons to turnaround. When? then, does the turnaround reach the inside “Penitus”. The quest for answers must continue on my next post.

You can be part of this quest, participate if you have a compelling and life-changing story by, sending me a mail on [email protected] or comment here with your email.
Please read my previous articles and be blessed and Educated as you go through my library of life-lessons, research, story and loads more.

Its still Oladeji Damilola Jonathan on Creativewriterz blog.


  1. teemee1410

    Wow!…what a story…how a life can be changed just in the mist of the right company….indeed mentors as the capacity to prevent us from tormentors….thanks Jonathan for the piece….more Grace.


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