The Penis is Not a Symbol of Superiority, even the Bible knows better.

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By Deoye Falade

Okay, the last 3 days. I’ve heard a lot about how having a penis makes one an automatic superior to one’s female counterpart.They say, “Because I’m a man.” When you question that, they say, “It is in the Bible.” Anything to justify inequality. One guy even said yesterday that man was created first so that makes him superior, as if the first car ever manufactured is better than the 2017 model.

So I ran a thread on twitter yesterday, examining gender equality right from the religious (biblical) perspective and the debates have been quite interesting so I’m reposting here.

First off

God designed both the man and woman in His own image equally (Genesis 1:26–27).  When God said that Adam would “dominate” his wife, it was a CURSE, not a divine approval of man’s subjugation of woman (Genesis 3:16)
The abuse of women is a direct outcome of the sinful nature of humans, not of God’s origin plan or will…
So really, the Bible does not support the idea that women must be subjugated to men in order to atone for the original sin.—Romans 5:12.

Genesis 1:27 states: “God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” Although Adam & Eve had unique emotional and physical makeups, they both enjoyed the SAME RIGHTS before their Maker.—Genesis 1:28-31. God created the man and the woman to COOPERATE closely, not to compete with each other. In marriage, they become ONE BODY!—Genesis 2:24.

The penis is just body part

In a body, can you imagine one part greater than the other? As small and unseen as your kidney is, if it stops working, you’re in trouble… Women under the Mosaic Law were originally seen as individuals in their own right & not as just an appendage to man. (Prov 31:11, 16-19) Early on, women in Israel could receive inheritance from their father and pass it on to their offspring. (Numbers 27:1-8.). Imagine this in some parts of Nigeria? Lol!

Under Mosaic Law, women were honorable & their rights were respected. But from 400BC, Judaism was tainted by the anti-woman Greek culture and philosophy at the time. Over the years, Greek philosophies like Heisod’s Theogony negatively impacted the Jewish Talmud and women were largely looked upon with scorn and suspicion.
Before Jesus came, women were prophetesses, they also had unhindered access to the temple when not on their period (remember Hannah).

Then Jesus

By the time Jesus’ showed up, women’s access to the temple had been limited to the Court of Women. Religious  education was solely for men. The Talmud quotes one Rabbi as saying: “Whoever teaches his daughter Torah [the Law] teaches her obscenity.” Imagine that! Jesus noted such prejudices, which were deeply rooted in Jewish traditions. (Matthew 15:6, 9; 26:7-11). He countered them.

When on earth, Jesus perfectly reflected his heavenly Father’s personality & way of doing things. He clearly disregarded misogynistic biases Jewish rabbis earlier taught that a husband could never commit adultery against his wife—only a woman could be unfaithful! Lol! How nau? “Jesus, countered this by putting the husband under the same moral obligation as the wife & enforced the dignity of women.” (Matt 19:3, 9) Jesus took time to teach women. This was in contrast with the prevalent rabbinic view that kept women in ignorance…

By refusing to deprive Mary of the joy of being taught, Jesus showed that a woman’s place is not only in the kitchen. (Luke 10:38-42). The Talmud saw daughters as being inferior to sons. A part of it says: “Happy is he whose children are males, and woe to him whose children are females.” Jesus showed that a little girl’s life is as important as a boy’s when he resurrected Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:35)

In Jewish courts, the testimony of a woman was considered equal only to that of a slave, as they’re not men. isn’t that ridiculous? Josephus, a first-century historian, advised: “From women let no evidence be accepted, because of the levity and temerity of their sex.”🙄 On the other hand, Jesus chose to have women bear witness to his resurrection. (Matthew 28:1, 8-10) When men truly imitate Christ, women will be given the respect and freedom that God originally purposed for them. (Genesis 1:27, 28)

Being Christ-like

In abiding by Christ’s principles, you won’t be concerned with ‘heading’ a woman. That’s not what makes you a man. Respect ain’t no ego trip. Now who said the man is the head of the home? It was Paul. Not God. Note God’s original commission in Genesis 1. Chill o, I’ll explain.😂 Yes it’s in the bible but I maintain that the bible is both a spiritual and cultural document, largely about the ways of the Jews and early Christians…

Paul wrote evangelical letters & I dare say his personal opinions & upbringing leaked into some of his letters… Stay with me, neva vex. Yes, Paul dropped dope Christian-living advice. But I can disagree a bit. He said the man is head of the home. Now, when quoting Paul on marriage, remember he also said to “Let the women keep silent in the congregations,” (1 Corinthians 14:34). That part is purely Jewish law, not Christ’s gospel! And from this premise, I can say that some of Paul’s teachings on marriage were rooted in Jewish traditions. My people, context is every.

Point is: God created men and women as equals: different genders, equal rights, opportunities, etc. We sinned and perverted His intentions…What confounds me is that Christ came but we want to hold on to male privileges based on the curse of sin we’ve been redeemed from. What then did He die for? 🙄 So when you want to use the Bible as an excuse for defending gender inequality, think again. Submission, yes! But love = submission too! Husbands love your wives just as Christ loved his church that he willingly gave his life for her. It was the first instruction but most people prefer quoting “Wives submit to your husbands…”

Wives wa rogo bayi, na woman dem be, dem nor kill person naa. 😂
I’ve said my own. Men and women are equal and we can’t cherry-pick equality. You can disagree sha but if you come here and curse because I have another angu, aiyaiyai…
Thanks 😊


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