P-Square eyeing TU-Face Babydaddy carreer?!!

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The paternity of 19 year-old MBGN contestant, Elshama Igbanoi’s baby.

In May, the singer denied claims that the baby was his, and insisted that he would have to get a DNA test. It seems that he just might have done so as he recently used a picture of Elshama Igbanoi and her baby as his BBM display picture along with a ‘kiss’ and ‘big hug’ smiley.


I wonder if Its not time to sit back and access ourselves as men. The place of a father in a child’s life should not be a thing of controversy, because Men have been found to be the source of the rigid frame of the human structure,culture, personality and beliefs. While the women bring in the blend, trend and make the picture of life sizzle with HOT beauty, the position of dignified undisputed role of Men in the formation of a child’s life have been constantly eroded by our “Super Models” and as much as they can not be blamed for the flocking babes, they can be blamed for their open zippers!!!

This story is not yet verified from sources for this blog but its a hope that we will hear a better tale, TGIF!!! And to all our part freaks reading this blog, watch it!! Weekend booze could earn you a Baby!!


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