Owning your story and staying true to your journey

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There is usually that phase in our careers, lives, relationships that we are not proud of. Sometimes it is plagued with moving from person to person and comparing with their lives and journeys, incessantly wishing it was ours. Not only do we drool at their Instagram successes, we stalk them. We mimic influencers, these ones that have probably been able to unlock life itself. Owning our own stories may not always come naturally in times like these.

We have literally moved from frustration to frustration. Worry, regrets, burnouts, serial bouts of discontentment, anger maybe, grumpiness, definitely! We are exhausted from looking at the glamour and retreating into our own stagnant careers and lives and relationships. We are blatantly exhausted and only one more success story is going to drive us to call it all quits.

While you may not be proud of this phase, you may have gone through it and it’s okay. Life is in phases after all. Why is it life anyway if there are no highs and lows. Allow me to snap you back into your own journey. Listen, some of the people you look up to have gone through phases too. You don’t believe me, watch out for the details. Dig deeper and inquire rightly. I know, I know, some had it really easy. They are from wealthy, influential backgrounds and oh well, they practically walk on gold. Don’t forget this all happens in life and life is unfair. You have heard that several times already.

Here is what I want you to do: Own your story

If you had a very rough start, chances are that you cannot go back to change it. If your childhood was messed up, your education was slow, your self esteem started off being way too low, you didn’t learn the real stuff early, whatever it is that didn’t happen quite as rightly as you would want, accept that this is it-your story.

The sum total of your story, your experiences, failures, mistakes, little successes, the amount of exposure, all of it, make up the real you so you are going to accept the real you for who he is. Past, present and a prepared future, all of it. You are unique, don’t compare yourself to other people.

While you are hoping and practically planning to rewrite your family history, you are going to be proud of your background. Preparing for a better future, you are not going to deny what you faced in the past. You are going to embrace it, while you project ahead. This is the whole of you, so own it, love it and work with it.

Stay true to your journey

Now, it’s time to discover your journey and stick with it. Your love relationships always ended up bitter, it’s time to be objective about it. No more of comparing and wishing. What do you have to do? Why do you attract the wrong people? What is it with your personality?

Your career is just there, as stagnant as stagnant. What are you going to do today for a change? What are you going to go learn more? We are talking about actionable plans here, enough of the complaints. What resources do you currently have? How can you trade what you have for what you don’t to get what you want? Who do you need to talk to now? Now now now.

Face your journey and celebrate your little milestones and successes. Let the success stories of other people inspire you but let it end there. Move on to adapt what you can and leave what you can’t bring into your process. Appreciate the growth and learn along the way. Make your mistakes and learn from them.


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