Outside NYSC Camp: Business in a Box

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I have limited time cause I can see my battery blinking 8 minutes. But I will tell you an intriguing story in 3 minutes. I spent lots of hours in camp ruminating on life after camp and what I hoped to be, we spent a lot of time in seminars and talks. Lots of speakers came over to Motivate us to go into Enterprenuership, to make something ourselves and not wait for Nigeria to employ us.


While I was there feeling Bad that despite the skill sets I boasted of I was yet just starting to realise anything specific career-wise, there were other strange characters on the camp grounds that had their Imaginations stunted by some childhood psycho-trauma or something.

Of all the sickening things that happened on camp, there was this guy who kept creeping into my backstage. Dark, tall and quite acceptable looks, he had the persona you would expect to be confident and out there in the open. This guy seemed to be stalking my “naive” self. Despite the fact that making friends is a skill set I am only getting used to developing, it seemed I was doing sickeningly well to the chagrin of my stalking mate.

All he wanted to know was what I was saying to the ladies that made them laugh so much, he never envisaged the possibility that I could be on to his game. I just noticed that the moment I left chatting with a lady friend, he would be all over her like sloppy poppy!!! He never spent camp with purpose, achieved nothing for himself and remembered all alone as far as I could tell. This is a typical boxed up business potential, someone who has all it takes but has been unfortunate to inherit liver-brains.

The GREATEST LIMITATION your business or career could have is lack of genuine originality or purpose, Even your business name is COPIED!!! You may thrive for a season by trailing the shadow of competitors or models in your career line you think are doing good but one day even the clients will see how full of sh**t you are.

Before you choose a College or University degree to pursue, a business line to buy into, ask yourself “How well do I flow here” don’t be a football jockey trying to fit into banking suit, you may find yourself yelling at the Customer’s reception TV set. One of the greatest principles Warren Buffet follows is this “Buy simple businesses” “Never buy a business I don’t understand”. Don’t launch into life based on another person’s perspective of it. Business and career approach are as distinct as the DNA we carry and as the perception of market, career and business environment are ever changing so should our ability to adapt into the right channels for being part of our world.

By the way, I met another guy who also had the spirit of a goal-getter, he had noticed the same trends in this stalker but he was not daunted by it. Of course we were on camp peddling our good intentions with the ladies although sometimes we got “naugthy” suggestions 😉 but we were convinced we could through the available environment make something out of ourselves. People who are not scared of failing are the most likely to succeed, being a copy-cat is evidence that you are scared of failure and if you don’t fail today, tomorrow is another day!!!


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