Ordinary stories are valuable assets to extraordinary people.

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Let’s  be honest, there is nothing special about being a writer. I just have sleepless nights looking for prospects because its part of what writers do. We have fast abandoned skills like writing, we don’t see how it saves people a lot of headaches. It’s harder to find Nigerian prospects, we struggle to see the use. You could, however, give yourself less stress by simply knowing what others have experienced in similar circumstances.

A story about travel helps students who want to leave home for the first time. A movie review helps you save money on a wack movie. Your memoir about dealing with diabetes or life as a sickle cell patient could be what someone needs to overcome the panic they have after a diagnosis.

I think of creativity as my obligation to people around me. We need to help people around us to curate their stories and place them strategically so that our friends don’t struggle untold hardship.

One of my students told me she had been having problems with IELTS, TOEFL and GRE. We talked a bit but I could not help until I saw a post advertising WhatsApp support for similar needs. I shared this offer on my Facebook page.

I want you to look at your business and how it has personally affected you or someone close to you. If what you are doing has no connection to people, then why are you in it? Your story matters and it can save lives.

One ordinary story can save a life

On facebook, Olu Bunmi; an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, shared a woman’s story about strange symptoms. The anonymous message attached images of a woman with a terrible rash on her body and she had complaints of a “crawling” sensation all over her body. Typically, a lot of superstitious Nigerians attributed this to spiritual attacks.

After some hours, a comment about shingles and HIV had caught their attention. Bunmi asked that the woman is tested when another person had shared her similar story and commented about the possibility of HIV. It was found indeed that the woman tested positive for HIV.

Those who shared their stories have saved the family a lot of heartache and problems. They would not fall prey to extortions from “spiritual” houses and would be sure about taking care of the woman. This is just one story and how it can save lives.


I believe in the power of stories to save lives and improve productivity. Check my homepage to subscribe and connect with my service offerings.


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