Poetry: One Day, Chase Your Dreams While You Can – Saddam Nihor

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My good friend keeps blazing the trail and inspiring others on Mondays,  he keeps reminding me of how important my efforts are and I think he does a good job of inspiring others. 

One day, poetry in time

By Saddam Nihor

One day,

You’ll no more have strength of youth,

To plunder and keep your loot,

One day,

You would wish not to wake up,

Cause sorrows come when you do,
One day,

Love from you will move on,

Memories made you’ll have to live on,
One day,

Your beauty will surely fade away,

Wrinkles, spots, and creases will stay,
One day,

You’ll have run out of hate,

Bitterness and anguish, your soul mates,
One day,

You’ll no more have love to give,

That which you have, you’ll then receive,
One day,

You can no longer go here and there,

The world will pass by while you stare,
One day,

You may have to tell your story,

Victor or victim, which will you be?
One day…
#inspiration_monday – Poetry
Courtesy of Damilola Jonathan Oladeji


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