Of unexpected answers: Christmas.

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Of unexpected answers: Christmas.

2nd Christmas Short story by Damilola Jonathan Oladeji dedicated to Timilehin Akinhanmi (the unexpected friend)

Indescribable Value,
Death and shame,
Jesus. (Cinquian)

Of unexpected answers: Christmas.

God who chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, to him I commit you this Christmas.

A town once experienced one of the deadliest kinds of disease outbreak; men women and children died left and right. The sickness would grip the mind of the infected person, ravage his/her body with the worst sores that one could wish their enemies. This disease did not care about the different social classes in the town, both peasant and feudal lord died and had none to bury them.

It was like seeing a gem die, the plan for the town could not be equalled for miles, the capacity and resource of the people could have fed the Universe. Here they were, few days to Christmas, ravaged, sick and dying, bordered off on all sides, allies became strangers, no one wanted to be in that lonely town neither could they be allowed to cross over to the cities close by.

News, whispers; of a cure, the people waited expectant….

Then the day came and the cure was not wrapped in shiny armour nor did it come with royal escorts…

Despite their hopelessness, they remained the most hard-hearted people one could find. One cold day on Christmas eve, a young physician had defied all reason and crossed the border “you would choose certain death?” soldiers at the borders queried…he was leaving the greatest comfort and leisure that any city could afford to give this nasty people a cure, ” you are a fool!” the sentries called after him as he walked into town.

Stories had it that this boy turned man was son to the first king of the town who had been rejected by peasant and rich alike. “They should want to live!” the doctor mused as he knocked on the first door. From slum to stable to palace he called to the people, he even gave public demonstrations of the cure with some low-life (s) who had nothing to lose yet the doors were shut.

Just like the disease, the spite against his poor social history, was not restricted to the poor or royalty nor was it found only in men or just in women. Even children were taught to spit in his face when he knocked “son of the town whimp” so they called him, the king who chose to earn the people’s love had only received spite and resentment. Christmas morning had brought unexpected answers to life’s greatest question “do you want to live?”.

This season we celebrate unexpected answers and solutions, the foolish and most despised people and groups as a fitting plan to save the earth. A virgin was unexpectedly found with child, insanity! Obscenity! ..it does not even sound normal yet that was the salvation of mankind; arrived in unexpected package. Of unexpected answers; Christmas!

Its still about children!

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