Nigerians Celebrate Freedom; Hope is all we have after 57 Years. 

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Today Nigeria is arguably free, but freedom is freedom hey! The best we can do is to hug this earth under our feet. Wherever Nigerians are, we must raise a protest to heaven. It’s obviously been 50+ years of floundering and faltering. The prophets are blind, the teachers are dumb, the leaders are sick, the Earth of abundance is dry.
We are a squalor and shame compared to the blueprint. The fathers must have thought independence would bring everything together, rather we are a pack of scared rabbits at the mercy of aggressive winds. This is probably too much for you too, just as we all are overwhelmed.

It’s quite sad that some Nigerians have probably decided to abstain from celebrating this day. A lot of us may just be thinking about about the emptiness bank accounts. All of us have seen the bottom of our piggy banks, reserves have run dry. Life in Nigeria has increasingly become a risk. We are torn between crazy old men and the young derelicts who cannot be trusted. The nation is practically in a mess hole. We must not keep our eyes on this for too long, or we will drown in it. There will be no memory of us, no one would find us in the pages of history. If at all we enter some history book, it would be an after thought.

What Nigerians Must Do for Independence

We must take our eyes away from this deadness, look out at the empty fields. There is a lot of work to do. We must fight and tear our eyes out still, silence cannot do us much good.
This generation is waiting eagerly to see Nigerians bound together or torn apart. If we must walk together then we must step in line and take this journey pace by pace. If we must be torn apart, then painless and swiftly must this surgeon bring us to that separation. We cannot hold on too long to these dead weights, not while we keep dragging ourselves into the shame of the universe.

We are labeled, named after every form of evil. These people are sick, corrupt, damaged, broken – they say. We are the necessary evil, that thorn in humanity’s flesh. The world hates us but they want us, Nigeria has placed us under the curse, the stigma. You have nowhere to run. Even if you do, you cannot hide that insignia. The voice of a million people, the cries and torments of men, women and children are marks on your soul. Even when you want to blend in like you are just an African, there is a restless ghost flying the Nigerian flag just behind you.

Hope is Green

This day is a sign, we celebrate liberation if indeed we deserve it. Freedom is not for the weak, and nothing of worth comes for free. This day we renew the vows of our founding fathers to restore this African soil to it’s rightful owners. For every living man, woman and child, you own a piece of Earth back home in Nigeria. No matter where you are, restoration will be attained, home will return to us. Keep hope alive.


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