Nigerian Dream Series

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I would like to try out gathering stories and events in the lives of people that could help my country (Nigeria) to have a clear perspective on the expectations of the masses. God Bless Nigeria!!! And help other countries!!!,
No.1 my dream Nigeria is a nation where we are able to win wars not only in places like liberia but also Israeli-pakistani wars, where my Nation has a say in world power and where we all find the power in writing.The whites found it and made fools of us. What is ur dream for Nigeria??? Add it please post urs on my facebook page. Jonathan Oladeji (De furst) is my name.

I have been sourcing for responses from various social media platforms but guess lots of us Nigerians are yet too scared to write!! young people from different social media platforms are my target to be a part of this and I believe all good Nigerians will be willing to add their dreams to this,so you can as well just comment or,post on my facebook page or add me on bbm 2669FF53 or watsapp: +234 818 147 5673 or call me on 08066726221

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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