Nigerian Dream Series: No. 3 Dream

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By Adegoke Adeolu:
Mine is a Nigeria where government will be Sincerly run, where graduates don’t have to struggle for appointment, where citizens are given real dividend of democracy, where corruption is reduced to the lowest level, were talent is appreciated, where calls within a state is free, where electricity and pipe born water is stand-by, where Jesus reign. Adegoke adeoluwa, [email protected], O8139573385. God bless Nija

Nkechi Ebere
Also wrote that she wants “Better university education” The number of students in a class shouldn’t be tooo much say 30, Conducive learning environs.
Since the lecturer can interact more with students, that is something we enjoy in my dept,We are about that amount,the lecturers know all or almost all the students by name.
[email protected]
Shout out to all those that rememberd me on my birthday.

Dreams do come true. I got hooked to a dream at Age 8 thereabout, I wanted a Bicycle of my own….It took me 8years but I never stopped talking about it. My house even got so full of my dream bicycle,that I had to keep the real one outdoors!!! 🙂 😉 keep posting,I appreciate you all and one day,These Nigerian dreams will come true.


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