NIGERIA Made ME eat Grass!!

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My people have an Adage “A kii titori eran jije pe malu ni buroda” we won’t for the cause of a craving for meat call a cow brother. Nigeria and in fact the African culture is rooted in the pride of humanity and studies of the African Ideals teach her offsprings never to “eat shit”

However, would we attribute the total disregard for these ideals to the turning wheels of time or why else would human dignity be thrown to the wind and like the proverbial saying “Princes walk barefoot while slaves ride horses”, Indeed this is evil and injustice to the black race, by the black race.

“Stay In your Country and Develop It” – Briton Tells Nigerian Youths
Aug 10, 2013
A member of Volunteer Service Overseas, Mr. Michael Young, a citizen of United Kingdom has charged Nigerian youths to stay in their country to contribute to its development instead of risking their lives searching for unreal greener pasture.

This Briton narrated his experience with Nigerian immigrants in UK, Young disclosed that his contact with a Nigerian man with his family in his country was not palatable. “I met him in the toilet, he told me he has a wife and children in Nigeria whom he had to cater for. He told me he has to work for 15 hours washing toilets in different places.

I laughed when I read this story, knowing that the man could likely be an “Adegbemiro” (the crown supports me)… the crown is washing toilets 24/7 all for the cause of “greener Pasture”

Another category is the “Aja to maa nu, kii gbo fere Ode” (The Dog destined to get lost will never hear the hunter’s whistle). The most devastating case of the one world, new age move is the generation of black babies born in Diaspora. They grow up to be called black-Americans or Black-Britons. No matter the Economy of the forest, the Lion can never eat grass. Being a second class citizen by reason of never having a link with mother land is a stink that can never be erased. You will never belong anywhere, It is only self-deceit when you claim to be a from Osun state and you call shuku Agbado, “Suku Agbado” (Ibadan dialect).

From 1978 to 2012, more than 2.6 million Chinese studied abroad, placing the country atop global rankings in terms of the number of overseas students. In 2012, about 400,000 Chinese students went to study abroad either paid for by the government or at their own expense, according to the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange under the Ministry of Education (CSCSE).

They are known as “sea turtles” as in Chinese this phrase sounds the same as “returned from overseas.” In 2012, some 300,000 Chinese returned, an increase of 46 percent from 2011, according to the figures.

Since China opened up to the world in 1978, about 1.1 million Chinese overseas students have chosen to return to China after finishing their studies. China is a great challenge to us as a race.

So I hope Nigerians In Diaspora will read this. It takes great courage to get out of a difficult situation but it takes an excellent spirit to return to that difficulty to effect a change. Keep running and you will bring forth offspring who have no rest, Die fighting and the next generation of fighters would fight with less rigour.

God Bless Nigeria and all other countries too.

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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