learning: Never Pend Your Goals Because You have No Money.

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I have had a Youtube channel for a while but didn’t really pay attention to it. Yesterday Costa told me he had been to my channel. He watched my video “What to do when that coach is too expensive.”  last week he asked me for my full name and I didn’t pay attention to it, now I know what he wanted. Costa is my block mate at the University of Pretoria, he is a law student. He likes what I had to say about learning without having a lot of money.

I had done the video and decided not to share the link because I felt no one would appreciate it. This is another typical case of me undermining the value I have to offer. My friend was quite happy about what I discussed in the video and he said “You need to share that video with your friends.” So I decided to do exactly what he said.

In this YOUTUBE video, I talk about how you can learn anything you want to learn even when a coach is too expensive. I have this belief that anyone can learn anything they want, you just need the right mindset.

If you would like to watch my video, then click here. 

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