My Grandpa is a bloody liar!

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and my Dad is a mute? or so the Nigeria “speaks”.

Nigeria is 54 and there is a plan to break her apart, “Awakening: Nigeria and the failing state dilemma” is my first output on this subject.

Nigerians who were once known to be a “Sarcastic expression”; if you are called a Nigerian it must mean you are poor but happy. Suddenly these “wonder people” now seem to be in a frenzied state of unrest as 2015 approaches.

“My Grandpa is a liar” because my “father is now a mute”. The generation of Nigerians experiencing this unrest would recall tales of peaceful coexistence that fathers told us about, now they (our fathers)no longer speak because the power freaks accuse their own fathers (my grandpa) of being liars. Papa is in a state of astonishment, Jaws gaping, wondering where their Nigeria went to. (Baba denu le, Ibo ni naijiria gba lo? Yoruba)

Nigeria was never at peace, we were just less aware. With the “generation speed” however, even the minutest government “event” not “policies” are under our microscope.

The nature of the war/unrest remains largely unknown, Mauritania, Libya and Turkey have the answers. Before Obasanjo 1999/2000, Nigeria has been in a constant tussle over the nature of the constitution, Federalism/Regionalism as the system of government and even went to war in 1970s over this Issues.

Like all the above listed nations, Nigeria has had issues with the ruling party, corrupt and anti-human practices, neo-colonial constitution. However, the outcome of Nigeria’s first civil war did not dissolve the system of government nor did it favour any particular group; religious or ethnic as the constitution was still perceived as a colonial document.

If Mauritania and Libya had Fathers or Grandfathers that read, they would know how to tell their children not to go to the streets fighting for passions that are to no end in particular but necessary for rippling and toppling the system of government.

The constitution and hence the governing system of Nigeria is the main Object of this war, and if we thread the same paths as Turkey, we may as well need to declare Nigeria, a failed system. We may have to employ clubs and daggers all to the same end a national dialogue on constitution should achieve, would we be able to justify our return to barbaric use of force for conflict resolution?

This people reject dialogue as a route to amendment (the 2014 national conference), they clamour for welfarism as against balanced fiscal policies. They know I (Masses) am not interested in government indicators, health of the productive capacity of my growing nation. They know I care more about my daily bread and will never ask the right questions because of the frenzy, there is almost an impossibility of independent thought (1984 George Orwell).

The Failed state Ideology is impressed on the “mob of Rome” and the voice of the People and the Chief Priests (opposing moral hypocrites) prevails as they ask for Barabas instead of “Jesus”.

Nigeria- the Idea of her, unity and freedom; has failed. Nigeria-multi ethnicity, religiosity and culture; is ungovernable. They still call for declaration of war, to this end. You know them!


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