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It wasn’t that warm lying in his own blood but James had it coming and he knew it too. He had typically been the most hateful rich kid anyone could meet with in Boarding house. He was the dread of his Juniors and the bane of his seniors. James had the most horrifying delusions, he could make you disappear since you weren’t in the class picture last year. Tolu was his latest casualty, everyone liked Tolu.

Mrs. Agbaje had come weeping last week to collect her son’s broken body. Tolu jumped 3-storeys to get away from James. I once felt he was too kind to be real, I had initially been so scared of being a Junior and of all the senior students I knew, Tolu stood out exceptional. He was so easy on the newcomers. He would teach us to put our bed right,properly laid and kids like myself who were too short to lay their beds in the upper bunk got extra help from him.

The unfortunate thing for this Angel was that he was Junior to James, who was the devil wrapped in Fatty tissues. He would flap is fat over your face just to rile you up and then give you the beating of your life for being repulsed by the odour. He made life extremely grey for Tolu, who still would go all the lengths to keep the peace. Long story short, Tolu slipped and fell of the balcony while trying to get away from James…No one would give evidence in court!!

Nick was the new kid and his first week in school made a big statement. Despite his being as quiet as Tolu, he was not the nice type. He spoke to no one, looked at no one, ate alone and Never played. Two nutcases in the same dormitory, we all knew some havoc was on the way.

3 weeks and Nick was starting to feel the heat of James, tormenting him all day. He came at him at all times, even brushed his behind with Nick’s toothbrush and so was the nuisance of James. Until Nick snapped, everyone knew something nasty was coming soon.

Then that cold night 18th July, we heard that blood curdling scream, it was not earthly. Life gurgled out his throat, sputtering blood splatters. I stood shocked. James with a knife through his throat, chaos!! As students ran for the staff quarters…….

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