Aba Chai !!!Mourning for Nigeria

by | Jun 29, 2013 | Editor's Muse | 0 comments

I hate YOU!!! I refuse to coat my speech in literary eulogies, or crafty words,I will be raw with you. Dirty LIARS!!! How could you eat us dry and waste us so. The news tells of the rotten wealth you have stached for years you hoped to live, but now you are DEAD!! How far can you go?, humiliating our nation with your belly’s stink. Yes, you want the money, in fact you need the money to sate the hungry beast in you, but why pinch the crying suckling, why make our nation’s glory a dream of ages gone by? You have been the pity-target for leaders and matrys who have tasted blood for their mother-land. We are toothless for your sake, we are barren and bald, we have no shine and taste dust in our dainty meals, million dollar disgust is what Nigeria owes you, you have been blind leaders of the blind who hoard even the rod of direction, you have taken the cure and sealed it in your bedchamber,yet we abound in ailments, CURSE YOU!!! Demons of destiny and the blessings of motherland flee your shadow. This is the cry of my nation gone BAD.


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