Monday Morning Starts With A Lot of Fear

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I am really disturbed but I am still working, I still have a web content job to deliver. Product feature reviews are the job for this morning but I would rather just make this post. It’s a week like any other, filled with fear and apprehension.The weekend was fun and it was better than what I would expect. There is this tiny voice that seduced me to steal some minutes away from my work to put my blog in better shape. I am happy this space looks better now, thanks for following me till now. For those who have been here before, you would note that the background changed and the site icon changed too. I now feel like Monday is going to be good after all!

What is My Fear?

Work does not scare me, stagnation and the unknown future is what haunts me most times. My greatest fear is whether this lifestyle is sustainable, I am going to tell you a bit about what work is like for me here maybe you would understand. One of the greatest challenges I have right now is that I am supposed to be in school at the University of Pretoria running my research masters in real estate but obviously for some reason, the visa is not yet out.

I keep checking every SMS notification on my phone and I get nothing. Lagos has been my home for the past one month, thanks to my friend who has graciously hosted me. Lagos has taught me a lot about myself and given me a reason to evaluate my personal targets again. I keep asking what I would do if this visa application fails, where do I go back to? The biggest question that keeps popping up is about sustaining a life and possibly a family with what I do, would a woman marry a writer? Would she watch me struggle to build content day in, day out? This is not about Laziness, I have never understood how to be lazy.

Laziness is Not the Issue

Staying here has made me realize that laziness or idleness is always a choice! As a freelance writer, no one dictates my schedules. I always have a new task to complete. Identifying potential clients, building writing teams, providing quality content keeps me on the run. It is important that my clients achieve their personal goals while I achieve mine, one of my goals is to live a fulfilled financial and emotional life.

let me tell you about Karni Sachin, she is an Indian in London who reached out to me to help with her final year project. She had written most of the work in her own words but the expressions were not right, she knew she could get her work represented better. She reached out to me through my facebook writing page. We built the presentation and proposal into a beautiful portfolio and her supervisor was quite satisfied.

She has achieved her goal and I also got paid for that, it was an arduous task to get the western union payment but I was proud of myself when I did. The pay was not as much as I would want but it is much better than if I was doing nothing. Many people wonder why I charge them fees for some of the things the jobs they send to me, as my friends they fail to understand that financial security is a major need at that phase of life when you are moving into your late twenties.

The Portfolio is Expanding but…

Vivian is fun to work with, she is the owner of Designed life and we had some landmark achievement on content development for the site which should launch on the first of April. I really hope to see you all there, we will also be kicking off a writing contest which is also part of the social media strategy for our goals at designed life. Vivian is has a lovely mind and she does a really good job of achieving what she wants, her stories inspire me and I have not only worked but learnt from her. Working with Vivian is totally different from working with Rachael of Viva-Naija, Rachael is bubbly and fun also she can work tirelessly and always meets her deadlines. let me stop here and get back to work, will come back soon.

A lazy person can never write, a lazy person cannot be entrusted with the lifewire of a business. Content creation and marketing involves so many managerial skills and I am fully aware that this is a complete work process that I can be proud of and enjoy but is it sustainable? I would hope you also start seeing some answers to this question as you follow my blog and work.


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