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by Ibinabo Amakiri 


I have had the same email signature since I created my yahoo email address a million moons ago. A very bland boring uninspiring sign off. I was just about to send off an email to a prospect today when I started staring at my signature…

Then it hit me. Yikes! What had I been doing to myself and my brand?

We are in a period where branding has taken center stage and everyone takes advantage of every means available to showcase themselves and what they do.  That’s why we all have social media pages We all put out our best content and promote ourselves on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. We hope to get a following, pull traffic, get our brand out there, tell our message and make an impact.

Showcase before you meet people

Well you can also do the same with your Email Signature! It’s an often overlooked showcase opportunity. Let’s all pause reading and take a quick look at what our email signatures currently look like. Some of us don’t even have one or don’t know we can actually create one. The best signatures go beyond just having your name and contact information listed.

With the right email signature you can make a good first impression on whoever is in receipt of your correspondence. It can easily be turned into another branding, marketing and advertising tool. You get to present yourself in a positive light as the perfect sign off to your communication.

It’s Simple

That was it! I got to work and voila! My new signature is soooo nifty and better portrays what I stand for. I sent a test email to myself and yup pretty awesome looking on a mobile phone too. It also has links to my social media pages without being intrusive and cluttered. Mission Accomplished.

If you like what you see dash to the link below and use this fantastic, free and easy to use creator to customize your email signature. All instructions are contained on the site. It’s pretty straightforward and you can do multiple downloads of all the signatures you create.

Always happy to help!

email signature of Ibinabo

Note from my Damilola’s Blog: 

I also used the link and created my unique “sign off.” Here are two issues i think you may have and how to resolve them:

  1. A square image is required: This means you need to crop or resize your headshot with editors till it is square e.g. 950 by 950 pixels.
  2. Copying the signature: First you are allowed to download the signature on the preview section, it’s a tiny button just on the right bottom of the preview. After download, you need to open the file in your browser then select everything on that page before copying. Go to your email signature setting and paste what you copied there. Goodluck!

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