Manipulation has a strong grip on fearful people.

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The easiest people to manipulate are the fearful. Manipulation is empowered by fear.

The poor:

You are always worried that money will run out, so you will never take risks. You think you will be victim of the rich man’s brutal risk taking and so you never makes friends with the rich – You die poor.

The abused partner:

she thinks there is no life outside the grips of her abuser. She lives in consistent hatred for herself but will never take any chance to be free.

Fearful children:

You are too afraid of hunger, failure and think you cannot do without parental backup. This is how a man at 30 remains an errand boy in his father’s house.

The unemployed:

life is so hard on you that you would readily accept any kind of work. You become a victim to human trafficking, drug peddlers, wicked bosses. You will do anything for your next meal.

The deeply religious:

Everything is a sin to you, the fear of damnation is constantly leading you down a path of guilt and condemnation. Everything you have will be taken away from you because you think God wants to be paid off for your sins.

The guilty:

Your fear is what you bring on your own self. You know what is right but choose to do that thing you know is wrong. When trouble strikes, your feet are quick to the prayer houses and mountain tops.

The uninformed:

Illuminati, conspiracy theories and faux theories have kept you away from opportunities. Every new thing poses a threat to you, your life is too predictable.

Even God denies the fearful, why do you think anyone should tolerate a fearful person? Those who face their fears must take caution when empathising with fear, or they are in danger of sharing in the fate of the fearful.

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