Malice is power Too

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My @Quora post: Malice is power too

Attitude Called God

Note: before you start reading, note that the author’s thought process are applicable to human development in all facets. This is inspired by Readings like “The Prince” (Niccholo Machiavelli), “48 laws of Power” (Robert Greene), “1984” (George Orwell), Bible and also discussions with his skeptic of a brother. The articles “Attitude called God”, examines what empowers the ideology (or person) called “God”, we can learn power from him “tout-puissant”

The one who forgives has voluntarily decided to relinquish a power to punish.
Its so dumb to say:
I forgive him, he is my president.
You had no choice!

Forgiveness is a gift from a superior to an inferior, It is the definition of mercy.

Why Forgive?
ultimately everyone is accountable to some superiors, even the President has the UN or


The “universal punisher”, has been attributed even in Islam “the most merciful” and in the christian faith “the great Judge has become our advocate”.

So if the great punisher would be ascribed such even if it was him who in his power ascribed such benevolence on himself. I think mortals should see the desire of “Gods” and use for our own refinement. Choosing to live above the base instinct of wild beast “kill or be killed”, mercy becomes our power to give life which otherwise would be lost.

This is the only vengeance an inferior can render on the superior, slow poison that eventually sabotages the power of such superior.
Malice could cripple office operations, where the inferior does just enough of his work to remain employed but would do nothing when the ship is endangered by a leak only him can see. Malice would make a son clean his father’s car and then pour a bucket of water in the fuel tank.

Malice is the power that tiny ants have over the large and mighty Lion.

This is power too, the choice of the one who cannot punish to yield to such base instincts is his mercilessness. When I cannot fight my own cause, would I defend my superior even when he cannot see me?

Malice like Mercy is power too, it just depends on who you choose to be. The beast or the god.


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