Making your day count

It seems all my efforts at making this blog really active is not as effective as I hoped, yet I will keep posting for those few real readers out there. Today is one of those days I will say I have found quite boring, nothing special. The office is deserted, lazy government officials out for a party, so I heard. The question then is “what would really make today count?”

I really don’t know what would because right now it seems all my attempts at living a purposeful life have been like a teaspoon of salt in a river of soup. I hope i don’t sound too dejected but this is my blog, my page and I believe like land, I have every right to do what I want with this.

Hmmmm, so what can I imagine this day could have been. This could have been the day I landed a million-dollar Job or project, the day I meet that true love I have not yet found, the day I finish and publish my first novel. I can see myself really smiling knowing my bank account is full and I don’t have to worry about the next pay-check or when the bills will start coming.

I want to go for a masters and Phd in real estate, which is my course of study, I want to keep writing and making people smile or cry, I want to be a well loved-musician, I want to design websites, animations, games, cartoons, I want to read as much as I can, I want to be a good christian, I want to be all of these but there is just 1 of me and everything around me seems so limiting and limited.


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