I love to share business stories that would inspire others to pursue their dreams. Would you like to join me? You must have some business interest and a brand that has a potential to bloom. We will write your story together and then share it with the world. If that’s fine by you? “Magazine Me” is a part of my efforts to tell the world about great Africans who are not doing fraud or corruption for a living. We are a honest and great people.

Share a story that shows how unique your business is, How you overcame some challenges or how it all started. 

Selection is at the discretion of this blog and you would be notified if your story is featured. Here are the requirements:

  1. Be Nigerian or African.
  2. Not above 35 years old.
  3. Your business or brand already has executed projects and a client base.
  4. Stories must be in the real estate, writing or general retail categories.
  5. Not more than 500 words.
  6. You agree to have your story shared with my network to inspire others.
  7. Your contact details will be available for prospective clients or partners.
  8. The burden of making a good impression is on you.
  9. I will not be a middle man between you and anyone that seeks to do business with you.

If you are pleased with the requirements, let’s get this on the road. Fill the form.