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I am so tired of being so sick,
So strong yet so weak;
I got a week,
Rolling 52 of such in a year, what?!!
Yet my heart is at its peak?

Seek yes that’s what I do,
A place of rest for me to rule,
To feed and get all full;
Full of life and all its good,
Cos I am tired of being so sick.

Its Mad lyrics all in my head,
I find satan cursing my best!!
He wants me to be his friend;
Yes that’s a fiendish bond,
But yet he wants me still!!

Its Mad lyrics when I can’t sing,
Cos my heart has gone so sick,
Its Mad lyrics when I can’t pray,
Cos my head in sin is so deep!!

Peace Be still, the voice of comrades!!
Peace is all that I need,
Its so sad to be so sick!

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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