LOVE letters: From SPECIAL kiddie’s School For Boys (II)

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Dear Julian,

Today I saw the new teachers for special kids :-D, our school Monitor says we are all so special we need more teachers than the ordinary kids. He even tells us that we are the special creations of God made to put smiles on the ordinary kid’s face.

No wonder all those ordinary kids in my compound always seem sad, but they laugh so hard when I offer them a lick of my slob of chocolate I-Scream.
I even hear them complain and cry so much about their mean Daddies but they never notice me where I am hiding.

I think Daddies are just created sick or something. My teacher taught us in school that people go around upset and riled up when they have a tummy or head ache but it seems God gave all our Daddies such a bad headache.

I still think of you warmly Julian, I still hope to skip rope with you and your friends some day except that I won’t want to get to pull other girl’s hair and scratch with nails the way you girls do when you get upset.

“Blessed Are the meek, they shall inherit the earth”

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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