How love affects successful writing, beautiful expression that works.

How can you wield confidence when there is no love? Without a romance between you and your ideas, you will only perceive them superficially. Ideas that still scratch the surface may defeat your goals.

3 Questions you should ask while writing a proposal, article, dissertation, or story:

1. Do I love this subject? Is this issue an object of my affection? Do I feel deeply for this matter?

2. How much do I care? You can’t make people care if you don’t. Remember content helps readers to answer the question “why should I care?”

3. How best can I express this care? This is where you wield the confidence in your story.

I recently did a sales copy for a client. The product serves to protect the underside of exotic cars. After about 3 hours of reading about Porsche cars and the new Tesla S, I discovered the pain that car enthusiasts had. This pain draws from the love he has for his automobile.

At first, I didn’t know why they should care for a scratch protector. While reading some of the internet posts, I realized that there is a large number of car owners who care for car paints. They would literally lose sleep if they saw a scratch on their paint job.

This was how I discovered the feeling of love, the affection they have for their cars. I had to learn this deep romance even though I could care less for car scratches. I had to see through their eyes.

How love becomes an Indicator for Effective Story Delivery

This is the main job you have to do when telling a story. Identifying your reader’s pain! Understanding why they should care for your story.
This is a lesson on love. Writing is not just about scribbling ideas. It’s a deep connection to emotions, people’s reality, and lives.

With practice, we develop an ability to see better through other people’s eyes. Writing through the eyes of a lover becomes second nature. Helping people to express their deepest thoughts is what makes writing powerful. This power is enough to cause them to take action.

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