Lost parable of “the Bible”

There is this parable they forgot to add in our bibles and I want to share it with you people.

So one day, Jesus was busy going around and doing good as usual. He saw that the fields were ripe, and the harvesters were few, it was such a desperate situation.

He looked to his disciples and said, “let us go around and find more people to work my father’s field. There is no time anymore, this work needs to be done.”

So his disciples went forth and searched everywhere, they checked all the nooks and crannies. The disciples even offered some of the men they met riches and provision from Jesus but the other people who had met Jesus before had “seen him finish.” They said, “is it not Jesus? He will understand. Not all of us are made to be Pastors and Disciples.” Some said they will be sending their financial support but what is the essence of having money when there was nobody to pay.

When Jesus saw these things, he was so sad. Peter then said to him “Master, the able bodied men have refused to come but as we returned, along the way, we saw men filthy and sick, men who have hated and despised you. They have even done terrible things.”

Jesus was really excited with the news and he asked if these men could work the fields, after all the harvesting had to be done by all means. The disciples said to him “the men will work for anything, just that they are proud men and we must always keep them happy.”

Jesus exclaimed “I care not about their burdens and weakness, I want them to work first, it is not my business if they choose to carry burdens while they work. Bring them all in.”

And the disciples were amazed by his teachings, how he showed such tolerance and put these men on his fields without giving a damn.

PS. This is the gospel according to 1 Christians 20: 17.

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