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Emeka Nobis is the only writer I have seen that bears his identity with all sincerity and does not camouflage while doing what he does best. He has this to say about one of the greatest problems theist writers encounter; COMPARTMENTS.

Dear writer, avoid compartmentalization.

Someone contacted me on Whatsapp and asked me a question.

“Is it compulsory that a christian writes spiritual stuff? Can a christian be a professional writer, like other professions? I ask this because I’ve always been of the opinion that anything you can do, whether singing or writing, if you are really born again, should be to showcase Jesus. A friend of mine was trying to help understand that its not compulsory but I argued. Now I have found myself in the place where I don’t want to write only spiritual stuff and I feel really bad. I feel like I am seeking for fame and glory, instead showing Jesus.”

My response goes thus :

I’m a Christian. I write as my heart pleases. I don’t compartmentalize myself. A lot of Christians have come at me to always preach on my platform and in my writings. They say that I’m here as a Christian and that my primary assignment is to win souls going to hell. I say NO.

My Sundays are for my spiritual reflections. Any other day I write other stuff. I choose Sundays because of the cultural predilection; a day when people have an affinity for reading all things spiritual.                

You’re a pro like other professions. Write your message from heart. QED

I believe that it’s a faulty thinking to box yourself into writing religious stuff because you’re a born again Christian. I have issues when people insist everything I write must have Jesus sandwiched in between sentences.

Who gave you the gift? The devil?

Are fame and glory bad words?

If you seek glory, is there anything bad with it?

Is fame a bad thing? Didn’t Christ’s fame spread abroad?  
Somehow I feel that many people are living out what they’ve been fed by pastors who don’t have a holistic approach to the word of God. Fame and glory are great. They’re great virtues.

If the whole world mouths your name as a writer, isn’t that credit to your Father?

Dear Christian writer, you’re living for his glory. He gave the gift, so your expression is to His credit. You must not sprinkle Jesus into every sentence to prove you love God.      
I’m studying psychology and some Christians tell me is worldly. I laugh. Yet, they come to me to help them.                       

I’m an embodiment of his love and grace. The disciplines of study I engage is to help humanity because I love them. Isn’t that love borne of God.         
I hear lots of pastors preach about the dichotomy of work. They tell me engineering is worldly and can’t be a calling.


One lady told me that my work isn’t glorifying God because I don’t write “spiritual” books. I laughed. She said my timeline must be used to preach always.      
I replied her, “My work is spiritual. My spirituality is my work. The two of them are intertwined.”

Please enjoy your gifts. God gave them to you. Enjoy them.

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