Life is Meaningless!

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Life is Meaningless!
So I am thinking, how can I upgrade my friends and be a blessing to you guys today?
BTW Happy Birthday to Victor Oladosu and Mrs. Aro Grace
Birthdays are the attempts we need and use to make sense of our existence. I watched this video of Scott Rickard at AIME (If you check my facebook page Damilola Jonathan Oladeji you would see where I was tagged).


In his “Humour trail” the 37.9 yrs Man (Scott) declared that there was no point in seeking meaning out of life, It could end up being a futile Journey.

I quite agree and truly I have found more fulfillment in focusing on immediate goals I set for myself e.g. Play the Recorder, then buy your saxophone, Probably Play in a Band, I combine that with, Finish a Masters Degree and Get to be a Public Speaker and Lecturer.


Time is of Essence and like the Sand of time, the hour glass that drains out systematically we must be aware that life is just like any container with an outlet. We are turned upside down to drain out gradually. You think you are youngest at birth but in reality its when you die you are at Zero, 0 so who is younger?

Note: Zero and Infinity are mathematically two sides of the same coin, death could mean Zero or infinity?

between start and stop, Zero, 0, better symbolizes a state of stop, rest, finish than motion. so If you consider well, life is more of a countdown timer than a stopwatch. When you celebrate your birthdays say 29 or 45, count it as x-29 or x-45 = remaining years you have till ZERO.


This then said, finding meaning in life should not be that difficult. Time is the embodiment of all that we are (see Movie-Exodus:Kings and gods). A time stop has been placed in you and I, all the opportunities, tragedies, Joy, shame, glory possible have been engineered into this environment called EARTH. The question then is, given time x, what would a random human exposed to all these conditions achieve with his time?

What would you achieve? Say this where exam question set before you were thrown down here, You must have given a very profound proposal to the BOARD or PANEL that allowed you the LUXURY of TIME. What was that Proposal?


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