Let Me sin in Peace

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Let Me sin in Peace

Sin is not a Religion nor is it a religious matter so don’t flee yet.

Why can’t I just mess up?

Have you ever asked why its so difficult for you to live out all your wrong intentions?

I have personally had moments when I realize, with adequate opportunity I would engage in activities that would jeopardize my chances of living out my greatest potentials.

That is What SIN is.

An abberation,
Transgression to ME,
Messing ME up.

Any activity that has greater chance of harm than good.

What is at stake?

Most times these things will cost us:
1. Status
2. Health
3. Wealth
4. Credibility

The chances that life expectations will be reduced is higher, we get depressed more easily. We start to procrastinate, think less valuable thoughts, lose confidence in our efforts. Ultimately we deny ourselves the chance of proving that there is God and God in us. We become less god-like, debased and selfish.

What if I just can’t get to do that wrong thing?

Like times when you want to be the bad guy in the movie but you just keep helping old women?

The help of God’s grace and the position of the human soul and conscience is that it is like a candle light that keeps attracting more reasons to burn brighter; oxygen, fuel.

Oxygen – Grace, God and anything you count as supernatural, coincidence.

Fuel – Taking steps of good work; despite our righteousness are like filthy rags, they go a long way in restraining us.

The grace within this period is giving you time to sit back and evaluate, to reroute your life and go that good way you know deep down.

So don’t test God, your chi, Karma or whatever you believe in (science?). Just pull yourself together, forget your mistakes and move forward.


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