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A friend here asked me to write about rejection. She thinks a lot of people suffered rejections from potential lovers and it would be helpful.

Finding love is one of the hardest parts of life. It’s harder than finding a job.

It’s very easy to be a sexual rabbit, humping everything in sight. The hard part is getting someone to look at all your brokenness, eccentricity and accept you. Nowadays you just need to announce that you are horny and there would be someone within the area to service your needs. Sex is cheap, love is not.

If I have learned anything in 2017, it’s the art of accepting rejection. What an Irony. My policy used to be this, “I don’t go around doing a random selection. If I ask a girl out, it’s because I have intentions of getting serious with her.”

But let me tell you about Job applications and scholarship applications. My approach changed rapidly this year, I stand to be proven wrong.

While I was searching for admissions, I got admissions to more than 4 U.K. and international Universities but I applied to probably three times that number.

While I was searching for jobs, I applied for so many job openings. Even the ones I know I can never attend the interview. I applied for a sales clerk job, admin officer, polytechnic technical assistant or whatever name they call that position.

I applied to several places but then only one or two replied. Only a small number turned into anything good.


This is the same thing happening in your love life. There are many women but only a few will like you enough to accept your application. There are many men, only a few will think you are the next best thing after lollipop.

When one person rejects you, carry your bag and baggage, move to the next street and make another application.

People will reject you many times before you will be accepted. Don’t expect anybody to be nice about their rejection letter. After all, no one pays companies staff to consider your feelings while writing that rejection letter. They will reject you and even insult your generation if possible.

I know, rejection could be painful but it’s just the way life is. In my little experience, the most painful kind of rejection is when you meet a girl or guy, you talked for hours, you were feeling the vibes, maybe you even slept over to talk all night.

Then you see them the next day and they don’t even pretend like you exist. I have met these kinds of ladies several times. You will even meet some ladies online and plan your future inside chat messenger and then you wake up one day to see you have been blocked.

Rejection is a part of life. It’s not because you are worthless, no it’s just what people get for putting all their eggs in one basket. To reduce your heartache, make sure your proposals are addressed to a broadcast list and cc: (carbon copy) all your EXs. Leave your options open, and remember that life is a pot of beans.


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