​I just know how to know stuff, let me help you?

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This post reminds me of a course on Coursera “Learning how to learn.” I have come here always sharing my stories because they inspire. Now I know I have been helping people know stuff, not really a bad idea. I used to think I want to be more than just a storyteller because I think people should pay more if I do more than telling stories. That’s a lie.
This week I discovered two salient things which are:

 1. Thoughts are expensive:

its worth every dollar you spend to sit and find your thoughts. Your thoughts become your process and they determine the people you are surrounded with. It’s where your results come from and indeed thoughts are expensive. What if you had none? What if you had the quality of thoughts that changed your capacity? Two different possibilities. Now I know what thought leadership is and why people pay to seat with thought leaders.

 2. Value is Clarity:

the clearer your message is, the more you are likely to value your life and how it affects others. Honestly I lost the plot but let’s flow together. This second point was customized, not exactly how I wanted it said.
Here is what I did this week. I merged knowledge from different people into one solution that allowed me create a website blog that costs so little. Now I know something that could potentially earn me some little more. I don’t know where I get the passion for discovery.
I just know how to uncover skills and solutions. If I need to make ebooks, I soon find all the cheap ways to create graphics, design pdfs, build amazon kindle files.

Stop Hating Disadvantages

I used to hate my disadvantage. I had negative thoughts about my disadvantage. This “evil” is that I like to rely on my mind than on the money I have. Being broke is not a curse. Inability to learn is the curse one must break. Sometimes I regret not being so rich. I have been foolish.

Now I realize that combining my thirst for knowledge and not being able to afford the kind of things I want has brought me here. In my poverty is my riches. The unique problems attached to the person I am has helped me uncover a lot of digital skills. Not only digital. Recently I fixed a selfie stand for my phone after I realized I could not afford a repair. I learnt to play the saxophone for this same unique circumstance.

I am coming closer to clarity. This morning I slept late building a simple blog and it was refreshing discovering so many beautiful things about Google Blogger that many people don’t know.

A Worthy Mention on this Journey is Emeka Nobis

I bought books written by Emeka Nobis a while back, I didn’t quite find how they worked at first. Here now, in this moment I understand better where his thoughts come from. Initially, I was reluctant about his teachings but now I think they may have helped me uncover some things. This past week I read four of his books in snatches. I bought one and got four others. I think he is a poet, a puppeteer, the enchanter. An “illusionist” if I may use that. He deceives you into finding truth. Let me go to church and get back to reveal my latest blog content work. Typically I don’t talk about people or things when I have not found a reason to believe in them. Also my posts are just as well thought out. They come from first hand experiences that have transformed my capacity to deliver and create solutions.

What would you be willing to pay to have someone guide you through learning anything? A learning coach? I could potentially save you 90% cost on any service. What if you could just learn how to do it on your own? I’m just saying, this is thought leadership, capacity development and storytelling combined. This is for my diary and I am happy you get to read it first!

Yet, I am just a story teller. That’s the only part of me that I feel totally at peace with and I hope my thoughts inspire you to evolve better.
Happy Sunday.


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