Killing is Good

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Wondering about the title of this? well you should wonder more at how well we humans have been able to successfully make things that were once wrong, to be the best thing to do. I see someone take an old woman’s purse and the woman on challenging him is slapped in the face, people say the woman was too loud, she should have asked in a gentler way, excuse me where are the rules of “honesty, dignity and respect for the elderly” stand. I would like to address the issue of sexual activities and anyone who sees this could be doing the world some good by commenting. In my school Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, the stories going around and which cannot but be heard centre most around the various sexual atrocities committed by lecturers and student alike and even the house of God is not left out of the play. Stories of fellowship executives having affairs, Lecturers that cannot be satisfied, ladies that have been ‘used’ and dumped by sugar coated tongues of guys and of course the old hags, politicians who take ladies their daughter’s age on sexual rampage. Seeing this things make me feel we live in a hopeless generation because the most common idea now is that even the ones who seem not to be doing it are the best at it. Where do we turn? whats next for this generation? the foundation of the 21st century home is already in shambles and the level of human depravity we have produced is enough to make the world self-destruct. I hope You and I make the difference by speaking up for the sakes of our children who may as well all be born as AIDS patients. Please comment


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