July Seems Colder This year!!!

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I believe its high time I got really personal with my readers, thanks to everyone who keeps visiting this blog, you all keep me on the edge, wanting more!!!
The rains are here!! (Nigeria) try not to play too long in the rain, I remember how as kids we would take a piss in the rain, oh the warmth, as messy as it sounds, that is one good part about being a child in my home country Nigeria. You can play in the rain and of course, take a good warm piss 🙂 keep warm!!
For those who do not know much about this blog here is something for you:

My name is Jonathan Oladeji, I am a Nigerian, A christian who loves to write, I find it appealing, the effect that information and written or spoken words could have on lives. This blog is my way of telling myself never to wait till the big fireworks before I add to someone’s progress in life. Writers generally are tending to find less satisfaction in our gifts as many people are losing interest in the reading culture. However, my hope is that my blog will be an inspiration to other creative writers.

I love to write and I am a proactive public speaker, who loves to be a catalyst for great achievemers. I also love musical instruments, I play the wind instruments majorly, the harmonica, the recorder, clarinet and I just started on the saxophone.

If you would like to know more or you just have a wonderful story to share with our readers please don’t be shy, it would be an honour to tell the world about you. My contact: [email protected], blackberry pin: 2669FF53, my mobile number 08066726221 or add me on watsapp with: 08181475673


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