Judas Had More Confidence in Jesus than Peter: obsession with money and gain is the first symptom of a dangerous friend. 

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Judas had more faith than Peter,  or rather he had more confidence based on the amount of historical data he had. Judas was an investor and business people work with historical data to make market predictions.

ThrBetrayed by people you trustoughout last week I was writing about trust, I started out with a post on how you can build trust and sell your business ideas through social media. This week I find that I am fascinated with how money works, we all like money but we are also scared of what it does to people. Let’s talk about money in the light of friendship, betrayal, trust. There is no other story I would like to use than good old’ Jesus and Judas, you know what they say about accountable people “they can be trusted, they are humble”. Judas knew Jesus in and out, he had information and he sold that information.

Insiders Betray for Gain

Judas was insider trading, he had hot information and what better way to make a profit than to pay people with Jazzed money. In Yoruba folklore there is this money called owo anabo, you spend it but it appears in your pocket later. So you can pay for a product and collect some change while the money you spent earlier comes back to you, now that was what Jesus was to Judas. He must have been excited to see what Jesus was capable of, all that loaf of bread miracle and the storm walking moves.

Meaning of Betrayal

This is the meaning of betrayal, Judas was a sellout. He thought he could eat his cake and have Jesus. This is why he was said to have betrayed Jesus while Peter “denied”.  How do you betray someone if you don’t believe they are who they claim to be? Judas may have thought “I am sure he is God, so why not quickly make some profit from this situation”. Peter was scared to death because he feared Jesus would not show up, he must have thought “why didn’t this man just reduce his shout against Pharisees, now he is going to die for nothing”.

The Difference: Betrayal or Denial

Peter must have been that kind of person that simply likes you but does not believe all your lofty stories, he pats you on the back and says “don’t worry I love you whether your story is true or not”. That kind of friends need to be thought a lesson, they need to be shown how condescending and ridiculous they are but you can still be rest assured that they would love you intensely.

Judas, on the other hand, must have realized that God cannot be killed. He considered it a smooth deal to betray Jesus and then swindle the Pharisees. He must have thought he was so smart. Judas was a crafty and austere businessman, he is the kind of friend who is always bringing up the next big offer, he jumps on every train of business. From MMM to Bitcoin to Gold, this friend is usually fixated on making that extra buck.
Imagine what profit margin he would be making at no cost? He was simply selling information that would cost him nothing, he was also very sure about his principal (Jesus). He was investing Jesus at a profit of thirty silver coins and you know that’s some huge profit over there, “Jesus never dies Amen!”.

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Little wonder church is one of the fastest growing businesses, Jesus shows up always even when it actually costs the preacher nothing.
Friends like Judas should never be allowed back into your circles. The moment they goof and get discovered, they are what we call “apostates”. They have everything it takes to prove your identity to others,  they have superior information but they would rather make that extra buck while using you as their stepping stone.

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  1. Abigail Okafor

    Now, thinking of it this way, well, its convincing. And you are right to an extent. I love the write. thank you

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks Abigail, I am glad to have readers like you.

  2. Jeff Ugochukwu Emmanuel

    I like your analysis of Peter and judas with its connection to modern day. It reminds me of a friend I learnt a lot from. He always saw the opportunity to make money from almost nothing but in a good way.

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks Jeff, sure there are some people who have a eye for opportunity and it is in a good way. Those kind of friends should be kept close…

  3. Kadib

    From the look of things I have a friend who is beginning to look like Judas. So now what? Should I divorce him?

    • jonathanoladeji

      Hmmm Kadib, life is not always so straightforward. I could give you a Yes or No but the details of the relationship are best known to you, this should only help you be cautious towards such a friendship and not get into trouble while giving full trust to every friend.

  4. Oyindamola Osinubi

    This post is really an Eye-opener. The likes of Judas and Peter should not be so hard to discern now.
    Keep up the good work!

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks Oyin, I am glad you learnt something vital to living a better life and making the right friends. Feel free to look through my posts for more relevant articles and stories on any questions you may have.

  5. Shola Yussuf

    There is a saying you can’t eat your cake and have it.
    I have read your submission; you do have a point. He was a smart
    business man or treasurer who didn’t doubt that somehow Christ would continue
    to turn stone into bread or multiply bread and fish no matter
    Now, my submission..let’s not forget that the means will justify the end instead of the other way round. When he lost his ‘business’
    all he could do was commit suicide. He seemed wise but his wisdom went from foolishness to losing all because what he even got he could
    not spend. There is always a limit to which you can use others
    before you crash or they revolt.
    I think Christ was teaching him a lesson he was not listening to nor taking to heart

    • jonathanoladeji

      Your comment in itself helps to also put more of this issue in perspective, I believe we all need to learn some things early enough before they hit us hard.

  6. Samuel

    Now I understand more on denial, betrayal and trust in relation to business.

    • jonathanoladeji

      Hello Samuel, I am pleased that you got a better understanding. Seems you are interested in Business ideas and posts right?

  7. Abasienyene Lawrence

    True. One other point is that he was the treasurer. Being in that position meant that He was trusted. And with trust and responsibility comes a feeling of importance. Judas felt maybe he was so important that he could do just about anything and get away with it as before.

    • jonathanoladeji

      That is very true, money and trust are just so intertwined. People who handle other people’s money are in a position where we automatically accord them a lot of trust and this could be dangerous for them and us.


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