Jason ‘Igwe’ Njoku CEO of Iroko TV is a great story teller.

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No Need To Hide If You Will Win

“The market is saturated, maybe I should just do some facebook advert and then wait for people to check my market. I will not even get personal with anybody, facebook does not need to know I am one of those browsers.”

One of the greatest inhibitors for freelance or contract workers is the shame associated with marketing online.

Thoughts like these are dangerous for growth:

– Only poor people are online.
– Those who are online are jobless.
– No serious person can be online.

This week I stumbled on another Nigerian who does the kind of fun-business writing that Strive Masiyiwa does.

Jason ‘Igwe’ Njoku is the CEO and Founder of Iroko TV. Imagine my joy when I stumbled on his profile on Medium. One thing one would note on wikipedia result page is that he is British Born. I don’t want to assume that this is why he understands the need to fashion business credibility through stories.

He writes in details about his wife’s career in Nollywood, and how despite the failures she initially experienced she inspired the ROK TV series. In his post about her he says Content is King and “now Mrs Njoku and ROK = leads content at IROKO. Does that make me Queen?” He understands the power of stories and does a good job with it.

Jason Njoku also Fails

He failed at a number of businesses and lived in his mother’s house as an adult. Started purchasing Nollywood licenses for what some call “Africa’s Netflix.” His failures have been part of his business story and they make you trust him more.

He does not leave the conversation and advertising to junior associates or facebook and google PPC adverts. He tells his story passionately. This is a strong part of B2B marketing in my opinion.

If you will broker deals that go beyond one or two consumer sales, the CEO must be on the frontline with the stories. People who have the authorization level to make purchase decisions that matter are also on social media. They are reading too, they are not ghosts but human like you.

It never even occured to me that Njoku is one of those funding Tolet Ng and Hotel Ng. It’s clear from his stories that he has a focus on tech startup and he is putting a lot into it.

How do I know all this? I stumbled on his page on Medium. Now I will have to download Iroko TV app, despite ignoring two or more vendors that approached me with juicy discounts.

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